Saturday, February 23, 2008

Just Barely Hanging On

A few days ago, I was making plans to break up with my wife of 23 years. I felt sick and lost and fearful, with maybe a little bit of exhilaration at the prospects for a whole new life -- although really it felt a lot more like being in an out-of-control car skidding on ice, than it did a roller coaster.

Right now, I think I'm going to be reconciled with my wife. And I'm in a state of mind that has been all too familiar over the course of my life: Just Barely Hanging On.

One thing that is different: I'm noticing that my wife is also just barely hanging on, and that in the past she has been a lot closer to the edge (physically and emotionally) than I have ever been.


still hot said...

One thing that is different: He's noticing his wife. It makes a difference.

CareForMeNot said...

I hope that things work out for the best, what ever that might be.

Look after yourself.