Thursday, September 30, 2010

Try Other Things Before You Try Killing Yourself

And other useful advice from rm:

For the longest time I thought I wasn't wired for suicide, and that this was all that had saved my life on several occasions. Then I really did feel suicidal.

Bupropion helped*. So did reminding myself to mutter "I want to live" under my breath, instead of "I wish I were dead".

* The first antidepressant I tried didn't help, but I found that it's like reporting sexual abuse: if you don't get help from the first person/drug, keep trying until you do.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Hey, It Was The Least I Could Do

The call has gone out over the Internet: Take a typically misogynistic "Least I Could Do" strip and give it funnier captions.

Not the funniest comic strip I've ever read, nor even the funniest I've written, but it's definitely better than the original version.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Pastor Jones

Text of a message Mrs. Psycho and I sent out this morning:

Pastor Jones is back in the news today (first he says he will, and then he won't), and we have decided to donate $20 to the local mosque for the express purpose of providing a copy of the Quran to someone who wants or needs it. We'll inform our local newspapers, also, in the hope that other non-Muslims will follow our example. Maybe we can out-weigh the "pastor's" destruction, for a net increase in the number of Qurans.

We are pretty damned short of money, but we will find $20 in our budget for this purpose, and we hope to persuade some of our friends to do the same.

Considering that "Pastor" Jones' church-and-used-furniture business only has about fifty members, our "action" may be bigger than his.