Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Why the Hell Did I Do That?

Today, I rode around with my wife, and we didn't talk much, but what we did say was pleasant.

This evening, we tried meditating together -- something she hadn't done in years, something I had never done seriously, something we had talked about doing together lately.

Later still, I read a e-mail she sent me and replied in an egregiously insulting fashion -- seemingly just because the opportunity presented itself.

Why the Hell did I do that?


still hot said...

Not true I haven't meditated in years. Just not with someone else (unless you count Quaker Meeting).

still hot said...

Y'know, you should tell your readers the whole story. We rode around, we stopped for lunch, the way we always do it when we eat out, not your order and mine, but each of us eats half of each thing. Cause we're such goood friends and all. We sat down by the river and talked about expanded civil conversation guidelines, and you agreed to them (I still have the copy you signed). And then you sent me that offensive and insulting e-mail. Now, isn't that a much better story, readers?