Saturday, March 8, 2008

Who Would Play You, and How Many?

If someone were to make a movie about your life after the fashion of I'm Not There, how many people would represent you, what kind of people would they be, what might they be called as characters, &c.?

I'll start for myself:

Tiger My early self would be played by a child of about twelve (around the time my wife and I were married, one of our friends described me as "mentally about twelve years old", and I don't know that I would dispute the description), who would lose his virginity, lose his girlfriend, go to college, flunk out, join the Navy, be bounced out on a COG discharge, date some more women, go back to college, meet and marry an older woman, and still be about twelve.

The Doctor At first, the Doctor only appears when Tiger sits down at a computer keyboard, a slick-haired stereotypical "ladies' man" of the 1930s in a white lab coat, with a satchel full of menacing-looking semi-medical devices which are actually instruments of pain and pleasure. Once in awhile he will appear for just a moment while Tiger is talking with one of his lovers, or while he is watching television or reading and something sets off his fetishes (spanking, male dominance, humiliation). Eventually, the Doctor takes over Tiger's sex life, with the grinning mischievous child only appearing in the aftermath of orgasm.

Dad Played by the same actor who appears as Tiger's father in early scenes only with a beard, Dad is a hard-workin' man who feeds his children and supports his wife. Unfortunately, he spends a lot of his time asleep, and in several scenes Tiger is shown trying to prod snoring Dad awake at a critical moment. Tiger and the Doctor both start writing short stories, but it's always Dad who finishes them and sends them off to a publisher, if anyone does.

Mom Played by the same actress who appears as Tiger's mother, only with a beard, Mom is a loving, nurturing soul who plays with her children and teaches them, and is constantly spouting political opinions, often rather odd ones.

There, I think that covers my major facets fairly well. So, how about you?

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