Thursday, May 29, 2008

Has This Blog Outlived its Usefulness?

Or am I even asking the right question, given its presumption of the blog ever having been "useful"?

Problem is, my wife has objected to things I have posted here, especially since some of our friends have also been reading it.

I have a lot of things to say about the subject at hand, but I've been writing them elsewhere, mostly.

Maybe I should just post more LOLCunts.


CareForMeNot said...

A blog is as useful or is as needed as you make it. Take for instance mine. I have two, one of which is extremely private and barely anyone knows about it, I use if for the darkest parts of my darkest parts. My other one more people know about and I have more friends that read it... and I don't mean flesh friends. Internet friends (I really would hate flesh friends to read it).

Either way both my blogs are ways of me expressing myself, getting what's going on inside my head down on to paper (or internet) and just letting myself acknowledge how I'm feeling.

A blog is what you make it, it came be something totally personal, it can be something fun, it could be just a way to reach out to the world.

Most importantly though is that you blog because you enjoy what's going on there. You are exposing yourself and you have to be happy with what you are exposing.

You do what you need to do.


still hot said...

So tell me, is the purpose of a blog to get comments only from people who agree with you?

Just asking . . .